• Stingray Barb Bar Necklace


    Fossil Stingray Barb Bar Necklace

    Truly a unique and original dainty necklace with a real fossilized stingray barb wire-wrapped in 14kt gold-filled wire. This delicate necklace is simple, natural and elegant.  Each stingray barb is a genuine one-of-a-kind fossil that is found by the Founder, Finder, and jewelry designer, Casey Danielle, in Charleston, SC. This stingray barb necklace is truly a treasure! Stingray barb bar style necklace. 

    Horizontal bar pendant necklace. Real Fossil stingray necklace. Fossil Jewelry in Charleston, SC.

    Chain: 14k gold-filled chain (also available in sterling silver)

    Length: 16”

    Fossil: Fossilized Sting Ray Barb bar necklace

    Fossil specs/color: Natural horizontal stingray barb