• Sandy


    The "Sandy" necklace is a splash more than the dainty gold fossilized shark tooth necklace with the added ocean-blue detail and it certainly has a "sophisticated by the sea" vibe. 


    • HANDMADE in Charleston, SC
    • REAL fossil shark tooth painted in gold for a classier look
    • Ocean-blue framed glass charm for a pop of color
    • Dainty 14K gold-filled chain/metals that is durable and hypoallergenic (links soldered together)
    • 16" chain for the perfect fit
    • A hand-collected shark tooth fossil by Foxy Fossils that dates back millions of years ago 

    **More colors coming soon!

    Please note each necklace features a genuinely unique fossil shark tooth that has been hand-picked from nature by Foxy Fossils owner, Casey Garvin, over many years and is a piece of her collection.