• Lowcountry Layered Necklace


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    Triple-Layer Shark Tooth Necklace -- Lowcountry Layered Necklace

    Lowcountry Layered features a real prehistoric shark tooth from Charleston, SC dating back millions of years ago, a gold-filigree pendant resembling the Charleston iron gate design, and a round aquamarine glass charm.


      • 3-layered 14K gold-filled dainty chain necklace that will not fade, tarnish or cause skin irritation

      • Layers come together at the clasp making it easy to achieve a layered-look in one step

      • Shark tooth is hand-painted at the top with a gold foil

      • Embellished with small aquamarine glass charm and gold teardrop medallion (filigree)

      • Real fossil shark tooth locally collected by Foxy Fossils in Charleston, SC

      • Chain lengths: 15 ½” , 17 ½” , and 19 ½”

        **All fossils have been hand-collected by Casey Garvin (Foxy Fossils' Founder & Finder, Designer) over 10+ years of fossil hunting and collecting. The pictured necklace features a sand tiger shark tooth fossil but please note that each necklace will be one of a kind due to the use of real fossil shark teeth.