• Layered Natural Shark Tooth Necklace


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    This beautiful 3-layer dainty necklace features a one-of-a-kind natural and authentic fossilized shark tooth found by Foxy Fossils' designer, Casey Danielle, in Charleston, SC. 

    This shark tooth necklace features an abstract lotus flower pendant along with a beautiful rose colored tear-drop pendant that accentuate the natural Mako shark tooth.

    The layered necklace chains are joined in the back into one clasp and have a 3" chain extender for added length.

    Foxy Fossils designer, Casey Danielle, spends hours of her time hunting fossils in the Lowcountry and uses these prehistoric pieces in handmade designs. 

    Each piece contains an authentic fossilized shark tooth found by hand by Foxy Fossils!  

    This charming statement necklace reflects prehistoric Charleston integrated with present-day designs.