In Awe - Real Shark Tooth Necklace


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This beautiful large anguistiden shark tooth necklace will simply have you "In Awe".  The natural tones of the fossilized shark tooth are complimented by mixed metal and bone colored suede. The shark tooth was found by the designer of Foxy Fossils in Charleston, SC.  This particular species (anguistiden) is the grandfather of the megalodon shark and is approximately 35 million years old!  The tooth is hand coated with gold at the root. 


Materials: Real fossil shark tooth, bronze metal rings, ivory/bone colored suede

Length: 16"

Fossil: Anguistiden shark tooth measuring 2"

Clasp: Slide lock magnetic clasp for a sleek and secure closure

This statement piece is unique and the only one of its kind made making it a very special and exquisite gift for your special someone. This necklace is gender neutral and can be worn by men or women.