• Fossil Gold-Tip Shark Tooth


    Gold-Tip Shark Tooth Necklace

    This minimalist shark tooth necklace is simply beautiful & features a real fossilized shark tooth that is found by the owner & designer, Casey Danielle.  Necklace chain options include gold-filled chain or gold-plated chain.

    Chain:   Gold-filled or gold-plated

    # Tiers/layers:  1

    Length: 16”

    Fossil: Fossilized Shark Tooth found by Foxy Fossils (if you would like a specific species, message Casey at foxyfossils@gmail.com.  Various species include but are not limited to the following: lemon shark, tiger shark, sand tiger shark, great white, requiems, makos, etc.)

    Fossil specs/color: Natural shark tooth with gold-tip root

    Price: $55