• Charleston Charm Bracelet II

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    Charleston Charm Bracelet II

    These 2-tone, gold-studded bracelets are just another example of how harmonious opposites can be. Pair with other bracelets for a stacked look or wear these beauties solo for an elegant and natural accent. Either way, these 2-tone shark tooth charm bracelets will quickly become your favorite! Handmade with real leather and real fossil shark teeth in Charleston, SC.


    • 1.5-2mm genuine leather straps that are neutral yet dainty.

    • Customized leather combinations: tan + light aqua or cognac brown + light aqua

    • Slide lock magnetic clasp for an easy, secure & sleek closure

    • Real prehistoric fossil shark tooth hand-painted in gold

    • Fossils locally collected by Foxy Fossils in Charleston, SC


     ****Due to the use of authentic fossil shark teeth, please allow for some slight variations in size & shape.